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Want A Husband? This is the 14 Proven Prayers to Finding the Right Partner Quickly

Prayers for the right husband

For God has not created a woman to marry a woman, a man to marry a man but a MAN to marry a WOMAN. God's perfect plan for creation is for us as a family to fellowship with Him. Hence a man must leave his father's house and cleave unto a woman in marriage and have kid(s) thereby having a home and a family to fellowship with God.

God's plan is the ONLY perfect plan, any alternative will only alter destinies. 

So wherever your right spouse is right now, God will order his footsteps towards you, he will find you, he will love you, he will marry you and your home shall be peaceful and shall fellowship with God. And just incase you're married, you can as well intercede for as many that are looking for the right man for marriage. 

These prayers will help you connect to the right partner as husband and your waiting is over!

Just before you say these prayers, if you're yet to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, it's good you do so. Having a relationship with Him is accepting His Lordship and that He came to earth to die for your sins. Hence, He would direct your steps toward righteous living and help you live a better life.

Make this confessions: Heavenly Father, i come before you in my sins and unrighteousness, i acknowledge i'm a sinner, behold the blood of your soon Jesus Christ on the cross of calvary and have mercy on me. Forgive of all my sins, Holy Spirit i invite you into my life affairs, take control. As from today, i say NO to sin and all ungodly habits. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

If you made this confession, you're now a born again Christian, you're saved! The Holy Spirit will direct you to a Christ-like Church around you to start attending. If you have any question send it here. Go ahead and say the prayers below. God bless you!

Just incase you're a genuine Christian before now...

FIRST ASK for forgiveness of all secret sins and ungodly habits struggling with your faith.

prayers for finding the right man

SAY THESE 14 PRAYERS to finding the right partner

Heavenly Father, 

1) Every veil of Darkness covering the eyes of my man from seeing me, clear away

2) Satanic arrangement, bringing wrong women the way of my spouse in order for him not to see me, i scatter you

3) Evil declaration that has gone ahead of my marriage, be reversed now

4) Curses issued against my marital settlement, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus Christ

5) Whoever has vowed that i shall not marry or enjoy my marriage, receive the judgement of God

6) Manipulation of the wicked to make me miss my divine partner, i frustrate you

7) Evil arrangement that relocated my husband to a wrong location in order for us not to meet, i reverse you now

8) Oh God that connect Rebekah to Isaac, connect me to my rightful husband

9) Family pattern of late marriage operating against my destiny, i cancel you now

10) Inherited curse of thou shall not marry in my family line, i nullify you

11) Battle from the wicked that confronted my parents marriage, now struggling with me, perish now

12) I frustrate the plan of the wicked to keep me unmarried this year

13) Oh God, if it's my character that is chasing away my ordained partner, have mercy on me, fix me and bring us together again

14) Oh God, by your Almighty Power, connect me to a man that will make Heaven together with me.

I ask all these in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen!

I believe with you that as you've said these prayers, your long awaited testimony shall manifest suddenly in the name of Jesus Christ. I say to you now, it's your turn to be celebrated. It's settled. Amen!

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33 Quotes, Late Night SMS and Text Messages for a Husband that Comes Home Late

husband comes home late after work

Is your husband or boyfriend now staying out late and you're at a cross road. A part of you want to scream, yell at him and the other would like to encourage him and deal with it if that will change his mind from coming home late. 

In my No. 1 Ranked Content on Google, How to Stop Your Man From Coming Home Late, i already shared practical ways on how to help your husband come home early. Also 25 Ways to Make Your Husband Rushing Home From Work is highly recommended for women that want to stop their husband from staying out late.

It's disturbing to stay up waiting for a man that won't come home, either by habitual reason or sudden personal decision. Whatever the reason, one or two of these quotes and text messages would help connect with his soul, emotions and possibly bring him home early henceforth. At least for your own peace and sanity in the home. I think i should apologize on his behalf for taking you through the stress.

Quotes, Text Messages and Counseling: Coming home late sms or test messages to send your husband or boyfriend if he stays out late

boyfriend comes home late

SMS for late home coming husband IF YOU'VE KID(S) TOGETHER

1. I keep lying to the kids every night, they never see you before bed time, if not for my sake, can i have you home early for the sanity of our kids?

2. If your decision to come home late is killing me on the inside, think of what would be happening to the kids right now

3. I thought about how we started, i thought about the beautiful promises you made, i thought about how you were a loving husband and father to our kids but now they go to bed without a hug from you

4. Myself and the kids are on protest tonight, either you come home to us or we come over there to you, reply with a choice

5. Someday i hope for a normal relationship where you would be here to babysit our child with me

6. I'm with your child and you staying out late is the worst encouragement you can give me right now, please come home

7. It's past 12am, i'd wished you'd stayed with us in this cold night than chose to be with your friends and leaving us alone

8. Each time i hear our baby cry, i'd think there's something i could do differently to make you come home early, if any please tell me coz i can't do this all by myself

9. Can you take a minute and think about Jason (insert kid name) and how much he means to you coz his eyes are still wide open hoping to see daddy tonight

10. I thought about where i got it wrong to have made you start staying out late and if really our kids are indeed a blessing to us. If not for anything, think about them

husband comes home drunk at night

SMS for late home coming spouse IF HE'S A CLUB/BAR FREAK OR GETS DRUNK

11. Today I looked back in time and i told myself i was never wrong accepting to marry you, i can still see in you the sweet and loving husband i said yes to years ago but he's in the club/bar without me

12. Please look around and see the adorable and lovely woman you proposed to is not in that club with you, she's alone and lonely on this bed made for you two

13. Someday i hope you find a woman that would stay up late while you drink yourself away every night, i can't keep up anymore pls come home

my husband come home late mistress or other woman


14. I've stayed with you for 10 years and she barely knows you, would you want to waste 10 years of our lives for a woman you barely know

15. She can be giving you the HOT sex because she's desperate to have you, i give you good sex because i already have you and would like to keep you from getting burnt from HOT sex

16. Honey, whatsoever she's doing differently that makes you stay out late, come home and lets talk about it tonight

17. I know this have gone really bad between us but i'm still the listening woman you married, don't talk to a stranger, i'm home waiting for you to talk to me

18. She may say she loves you but she barely knows you, our love have stand the test of time and that she hasn't gone through, please i need you home it's dangerous out there

19. I'm here, alone on our bed, staring at our wedding portrait, imagining how we loved each other so much to be this happy. You're there, together with her on the bed. I wish i can tell her you're married maybe she would send you to me tonight

20. Would you like another man to touch your woman like you're touching another woman right now

21. She's paid to make men happy, i'm owed for keeping your ass and kids together in this house. Will you come home and lets do more than she does to keep you screaming your brain off

22. How do you want me to explain to our kids that their father is in bed with another woman right now

23. I love you more than she does, if you think i'm just being jealous think about how long you've known her and the years we've been together. One have stood the test of love and survived, come home to me


24. If you can take a moment to think about all you did to have me as your wife/girlfriend and i'm still yours, you'd find a way not to hurt me by coming home late

25. I've always cared for you, this new path is ripping us apart and we're getting farther from each other every single day, would you like to take a moment and let's talk about where we got it wrong

26. I've heard people say you don't value what you have until you lose it. I wouldn't want you to lose me before you see all the effort i made to make this marriage/relationship work, i don't want to lose you too, please come home

27. The women you married in that past may have giving up on this same habit, i chose to stay because i know in you is a caring and loving man that knows i weep to bed every night not having you by my side

28. What makes you think i would sleep on this large bed all by myself, my eyes are open waiting to see you walk through the doors

29. You've been coming home late and i've been thinking how we got it this bad, the only thing i could figure out are two people that are scared to confront their situation. We need to talk about this tonight

30. Every night i wet my pillow with tears, each drop comes with pain of your sudden decision to come home late, you're my husband and i wish to have you right here beside me

31. You cause me so much pain each night, this you're doing is breaking me on the inside coz we didn't agree to have a home while you stay out there

32. You may not worry about how i feel going to bed every night without seeing you but i'm always worried about how safe you're out there in the dark

33. Looking through the window this dark hour, staring at nothing, wishing you could walk straight through that doors into my arms. Come home baby, i miss you. To receive another interesting write-up directly in your inbox click here.

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The ONLY One Way To Propose to Her and Get a YES

the only one way to propose and get a yes

After i wrote what would you do when your marriage proposal is rejected, i noticed there's actually an only way to propose and always get accepted.

Straight up, like Nike, just do it! Yeah, let me show you how to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend and get a yes. Shout out to the bold ladies out there teaching a dude how to propose, go for him already. But just in case, you're wondering why he hasn't proposed, you may not look too far because there are 21 reasons why he won't propose to you. But on this very topic, what i'm about to show you may not be the only way to propose but it's truly the only way to get a YES and it has worked more times than rejection. You know it can be crazy to go on your knee and pop the question, asking her to marry you and she says NO. It could get anyone heart broken. 

The reason is...

No matter what you think of your boyfriend or girlfriend, you never can be sure if he/she is ready to live together forever with you. Some are confused about what you had become tomorrow, yeah, you're all nice and really cool guy at the moment. 

While you are thinking some things like work schedule or distance as no problem, she's treating them as the biggest problem. You just can never be too sure what she's considering as a factor for living with you.

But the only way you'd find out is if she says NO to your proposal. But that's a bad way to know.

So Let me help you here!

the only one way to propose and get a yes

Be sure there are no matters/issues left undiscussed before proposing. Don't think your girlfriend doesn't have options and she would jump at you like a magnet whenever you propose. Let no issue be left undiscussed.

At this point that you're sure you are both on the same page remember not to...

do this when she's passing through an ugly phase in her life, at that time, proposing is not the next BIG thing, it's a miracle brother!

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Every guy worries too much about a perfect proposal venue, disturb families and friends and all the drama that comes with it. Trust me, it's lovely to go all out for that special someone but what if right there, in the midst of these people she says NO.

Now. the KEY thing is isn't in just proposing 

It's in those things i already mentioned
* Make sure there are no issues left undiscussed
* Know you are both on the same relationship page

Good! Lets get to the next one.

I earlier mentioned the proposal venue. You never would want to get that wrong. From previous conversations you've had, you would have figured out her favorite spots or places. You can take her or fly her there. 

And maybe it's kinda above your budget, you can think of the next miracle center that would work just right. Not forgetting, she must have a sense of connection to that venue or spot for proposing to her. In short, the venue can bring back some good memories.

It may not be necessary to loud the whole thing except your girlfriend is a loud one. 

Just be careful of her kind of person. Oh yeah, some girls don't like surprises. They always would like to have a heads up on what's coming. Be careful, you just might be on your knee to get a NO if you ignore that part of her.

the only one way to propose and get a yes

It could just be both of you; you and boy/girlfriend. That works too as in , it does. Whether you chose to be loud or go solo, the pictures i see on Instagram or Facebook are always about the ring and the guy that proposes. She flaunts the ring, some gold carats or little diamond curve and everyone congratulates her. That's it!

Quickly, what should you be thinking while getting a proposal ring

It's no rocket science, just something beautiful. Don't forget you're paying some bills pretty soon.   

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A nice ring is a nice ring. You can add gold to yours or call it diamond. It's a ring! Just make sure it's something she would love to see on her finger.

Don't break the bank, it sure comes with some ring on your wrist larger than the ring on her finger. LOL

STOP, if by now you don't know i had discussed 4 great points, you must have been evading taxes like Donald Trump.

Next top is... a minute pls!

I've talked about 
* Make sure there are no issues left undiscussed
* Know you are both on the same relationship page
* Let it be a venue she has got some sort of connection with
* The kind of ring you're getting matters

Here's the last thing!

Just do it! Yeah brother. Just put the ring on it and have Beyonce stop singing all the single ladies.

What else? Oh, the photos on instagram, twitter, Facebook, pinterest had better look good with all the kisses and smiles.

AND she says YES! The people can go home now and left the newly engaged do whatever, under whatever, on whatever. Lights off! LOL

Hope i get to receive a wedding invite soon, but not after 5, 7 or 10 years. Congratulations! To receive my latest post directly into your inbox Click here

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New Ranking: The 10 U.S States with High Divorce Rate in 2016

The 10 U.S States with a High Divorce Rate in 2016

Are you single? Take note! Are you married? Take note also! Apart from the personality called "irreconcilable differences" that has been crowned and cited as the reason for millions of divorce over the years, do you know that the environment or state you live in can also break up a marriage?

The United States of America was said to have had 50% divorce rate in 2013/2014 (American Psychological Association) which has seen itself increased by 7.5% with some new state joining the list and few old states either dropping off or increasing its rank. By PEW Research Centre statistics in 2009, most divorce cases was sponsored by people that got married at the age of 24 or younger. Which means it was probably too early or they had inadequate knowledge of what they were getting into.

Things have gone worse. 2017 could be on the high or low side but at the moment, the fast rate at which most marital status changes from married to separated is the same rate it's changing from separated to divorce. Which means that very few separated couple come back together to make the marriage work.

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Now lets get to see the list of states with high divorce rate in the U.S 

10) Maine, Portland in Specific

9) New Mexico, Albuquerque in Specific

8) Tennessee, Memphis and Nashville in Specific

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7) Kentucky, Louisville in Specific

6) Idaho, Boise and Meridian in Specific

5) Arkansas, Little Rock in Specific.

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4) West Virginia, Charleston in Specific

3) Oklahoma, Oklahoma City and Broken Arrow in Specific

2) Oregon, Portland in Specific

1) Nevada, Las Vegas in Specific
Fact is, Nevada has a unique history with divorce. In 1930s, the city of Reno made it extremely easy to get a divorce, making the Biggest Little City in the World a divorce hot spot for everyone from movie stars to housewives.

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MUST READ: 7 Easy Ways To Catch A Cheating Husband and Boyfriend

Image Credit: 1800packrat.com | travelportland | wonderfulengineering

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7 Easy Ways To Catch A Cheating Husband or Boyfriend

The Raw Tips for Women Only

How To Catch a Cheating Husband or Boyfriend

In my last article on what to do when your husband is having an affair, i made some clear cut points that triggered some feedback and that powered this topic. I noticed that most women are not always sure when their husband is cheating since he has smartly covered his tracks and balanced the home front. Some women are really careful of accusing their spouse of cheating because they really don't know if they are right or wrong and also the danger in accusing your husband of cheating when he is not can be disturbing, hence, they remain in doubts even when something on the inside says he is cheating. Yeah, it can be that complex. You just can't rely on inner talks or feelings about your cheating husband and you can't act or accuse him base on assumptions too. Whichever, you need to catch him cheating on you to confirm your doubts but how would you do that?

Warning: Some action points could be more aggressive than others, it's advisable you use each point according to the degree of your marital trouble.

How To Catch a Cheating Husband, any of these would work.

Action Point No. 1 - Pretend All is Alright - Don't be reactive! Most women do chose to go hyper. No! Be smart and pay attention to details surrounding him. Know that you can't keep watching him all day as that alone is enough stress. There are some thing he would start doing. Don't question his sudden decisions to come home late or travel or hang around friends. Don’t worry about the calls he’s not picking in your presence or refuses to pick. Don’t worry about his change of wardrobe or interest in a new clothing collections. Allow a bird to fly! And while he keeps thinking you're so dumb and even not aware of his cheating moves, he will be creating more space to fall in your net. The more you act like you don't know, the more he would think he has got the space to cheat and in so little time, it will be very open.

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Action Point No. 2 - Confide in Someone - Nowadays, i see women hiring detective to give a close watch on their husbands. I think it's not right and more damaging. I would advise you find someone you have known all along or have a good relationship with overtime to help you on this. The person could be his colleague at the office, your sister or brother, family friend, anyone but not a stranger. And don't go about telling every member of your family as that could mean opening up your relationship in a shameful way. Remember, the essence of catching him is not to destroy your relationship so you have to apply max caution and wisdom. If he was seen in an hotel with another woman; his mistress maybe, you can prove your case and still keep your home if it was your sister or relative that saw that more than a detective. No matter the level of damage of your relationship, hiring a spy is more damaging. It destroys it without hope, ask Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Action Point No. 3 - Set Him up - This actually is the easiest. I was chatting with a client last week and she told me her husband was hitting on her sister and she had left the house since she doesn't want to break her sister's marriage. That really must be an extreme measure for any man to satisfy his high libido but it happens everywhere. So i told her, call your sister back in the house, ask her to accept the proposal from her cheating husband. She thought i was crazy. Really it may sound crazy but that's a better close catch. Her sister would act like it's normal to date her sister's husband and that she's not aware of what's going on. She would agree to go on a date with him then in one of the dates, the idea of meeting in a private place would definitely come up and that's all. He just got caught! 

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Another way, that lady may not be your sister but just some raunchy girl out there. Make the terms really clear from the start as she could be hurt if she goes beyond your instructions. Let their path cross, a little stepping on his toes or hitting on him in a club or his regular spot could start a conversation. A selfie of their first kiss could be enough evidence of cheating on you. 

NOTE: Don't do this if you're NOTE SURE your husband is cheating on you. But if he's a serial cheat and you want to nail him once and for all, go ahead.

Action Point No. 4 - Install a Call Recorder on His Phone - Some men have this application already installed on their phone, you just can simply go ahead and listen to the recordings. But if it's not installed, be careful of those apps that ask for permission before recording. Don't leave this on his phone for too long. It could be installed before a weekend he won't be spending with you, or before a meeting that you suspect. I know there are so many mobile spy software out there, i would advise you stay clear if you don't know the use. This is a little tech and if you're not tech-oriented, just leave out this option.  

Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Action Point No. 5 - Micro Keylogger: I was told this software helps in storing or hacking passwords. Well, just in case he changes his login details and doesn't want to share it with you anymore, get an expert to install this carefully on his laptop and you sure can read his messages. Trust me, in a sane marriage, there should be no secrets. No password hiding!

Action Point No. 6 - Leave for a vacation (the truth is, you’re not on vacation, you're somewhere close). Cheating husbands usually do the unusual acts when the wife is away. So before leaving, make sure you plant a recording device somewhere strategic in the house, like the bedroom and living room. By common sense, a cheating husband would take his mistress out for dinner because they are careful of rumors from the neighborhood while some would bring her home since you're supposedly on vacation. Whichever, a surprise visit could get him busted.

Action Point No. 7 - Create a Fake Social Profile: Now this is interesting! I once counseled a client to do this and it worked perfectly. In fact it corrected the marriage and gave it a fresh start with new goals. Here's how she did it:

* She identified the social platform her husband was so addicted to
* She created a fake profile with a random sexy picture of a lady and made friend with him
* Time after time her husband unknowingly was chatting with his own wife on the internet without giving her attention at home. 
* They were so connected and were like lovebirds on the internet not knowing it was his wife.
* As men would be men, he asked for nude pictures which she sent to him without showing her face, just those parts. Of course the high hormone won't make even a sane man differentiate that part. 
* All the while, the attention she was lacking at home, she was getting it on the internet from her husband.
* Time to meet was so embarrassing but emotional as they agreed to meet in an hotel.
* Her husband already booked a room and was waiting for this new catch and here comes in...his very own wife.

It is embarrassing to discuss what happened afterward but that was the marriage correction.

Initially, the man's excuse for cheating was that she was irritating. So this lady adjusted everything possible and impossible to satisfy him yet it never worked out. She told me she kept asking him; "what else do you want from me...so i was not irritating you all the while if you can show me so much love and give me so much attention on the internet." It was quite an emotional moment but i'm glad it worked.

In Conclusion: I once did a survey, gathered from clients and open sources. I realized that 69% of men have once engaged in physical cheating. Though everyone cheats, either by admiring a man's body because he looks like Dwayne Johnson or his sexy blue eyes like Paul walker (RIP man) or taking a second look at her booty like Kim Kardashian or boobs like Micki Minaj, everyone is a cheat. But physical cheating is different, that's going extra steps to make it real. In this context, since not every man engages in physical cheating, don't always suspect the late coming or staying out late of your husband as one. But whenever you found out that he's really cheating on you, use any of these 7 action points to find him out. Don't forget, use any of these according to the level of aggression your marriage is facing. 

Declaimer: Coachdexplorer.com is not responsible for any damage or situation resulting from the application of any of these above action points. 

Send in your testimonies here to lift the spirit of other readers. Just in case you would like to receive my opinion on relationship matters directly in your inbox click here.

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